The 21st Century Woman: What brands need to know

We’ve had 40 million years of practice, and yet society is still on the back foot when it comes to understanding what women want. It might not have mattered that much to neanderthals living in the Ice Age, but it matters a lot in the age of consciousness and capitalism where women account for 80% of all purchases made.

So what’s it like being a woman in the 21st century? Well that’s a relatively easy question to answer as our team of strategists have just completed a 12-month study (incorporating qualitative and quantitative research and expert opinion) to get to know her better.

Women might be responsible for 80% of purchasing decisions, but according to our research 76% feel that brands do not represent them. Over 58% of women think that the image of families presented by brands is old fashioned and a further 86% believe that across the board, the stereotypes presented by brands don’t reflect their lives at all.

Something needs to change.

At Engine, we think that the moral implications of this are bad enough, but there’s also an impact on our and our clients’ bottom lines too. After all, 85% of all household purchasing decisions are made by women— and they already represent an estimated $28 trillion in global consumer spending.

For these reasons and so many more, it’s time to act. We want to help brands better speak to this multi-faceted audience. With a strong history of great work for women behind us and an office culture committed to gender balance, we’re in a great position to change the game.

And that’s just what we plan to do—for our clients and for ourselves.

On March 7th, the day before International Women’s Day, we released our findings in an exclusive report, as well as launching our campaign to change the way brands think about, speak to and depict the modern woman.

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